A Fence To Finish Off Your Great Space

What better way to finish off your great outdoor space, then with a new fence.  As you can see in the attached pictures, an aluminum ornamental fence accentuates a beautifully built outdoor entertainment space.      

Commercial Fencing Varieties and Materials

It’s not only residential homes that need fencing, businesses and other public sectors need fencing around their properties as well. Whether the need for a fence is temporary, used for privacy, or even gates are needed for sectioning areas, we at Straight Line Fence make finding your solution our priority. At Straight Line we have […]

Get Started on Spring Landscaping Early by Installing a New Fence Now

Get Started on Spring Landscaping Early by Installing a New Fence Now It may seem like winter will never end, but the reality is that spring is right around the corner. In fact, many homeowners across Michigan and beyond are already making plans for their spring gardens and landscaping projects. One great way to get […]

Business Properties Include Ornamental Fencing

For decades elegant ornamental iron fencing was the first choice for homeowners who wanted to increase privacy and property values. Most original fences were made of sturdy wrought iron that was formed into elegant patterns. Today it is just as common for an industrial or commercial client to request an ornamental fence from professionals like […]

Pool Fence Aesthetics


There are many perks to having a pool fence. One factor about pool fences that likely has you considering one is your local municipality’s rules regarding pool fences. These regulations your municipality has set in place are intended to keep your little ones, whether they have two legs or four, safe and out of harm’s […]

Using Vines to Accent Your Fence

Fences serve many purposes, but all in all, they provide your yard with structure. The only problem is that sometimes structure can be bland, can’t it? Whether you are looking to naturally accent your garden or add ornamental value to your fence, vines can do just the trick. When choosing vines, there are special factors […]

A Quick Guide to Residential Railing Options

Indoor and outdoor railings typically share a purpose in that they provide a safe condition for those using stairs. However, outdoor railings are under weather conditions that require the usage of different materials than those used for an indoor residential railing. Homeowners must make a variety of choices when choosing outdoor railings, such as stair […]

Dogs Attack Local Girl: What’s the Best Fencing for Dog Owners?

In May, two Rottweilers escaped their Grand Rapids yard and went after a young girl, dragging her under a fence. Now, the 5-year-old girl is confined to a wheelchair after being mauled by the dogs, and the story has only gotten grimmer as police learn more. The kind of fence installation Grand Rapids residents typically […]

Vinyl or Aluminum?

You’ve narrowed your fence options down to vinyl and aluminum. Which one should you choose? Both are great options, but the material that will be best for you depends on what you want from the structure. We break it down here for you! Ease of installation: Both aluminum and vinyl fences are relatively simple to install, […]

All Aluminum

More and more homeowners are choosing to add a little pizzazz to their yard with ornamental aluminum fencing. These fences cost less and require far less maintenance than a wrought iron fence, but give the same look and appeal. Believe it or not, there are many elements that go into an aluminum fence, allowing you […]