Vinyl or Aluminum?

You’ve narrowed your fence options down to vinyl and aluminum. Which one should you choose? Both are great options, but the material that will be best for you depends on what you want from the structure. We break it down here for you!

Ease of installation: Both aluminum and vinyl fences are relatively simple to install, but vinyl is a bit easier since many pieces snap together. Vinyl fence installations can often be done in less than a day; an aluminum fence installation will take a bit longer.

Amount of maintenance: Neither option needs regular treatment, staining or painting work done. All you will need to do is hose off dirt, dust and debris every-so-often, but no intense maintenance will be necessary.

Strength and sturdiness: Since aluminum is heavier and tougher, it will be sturdier than vinyl in the long run.

Degree of privacy: Vinyl fences provide a wider variety of design options, making it a better choice for privacy. Aluminum fence posts are narrower and give people more unobstructed views. If you want privacy, vinyl is likely a better choice; but if you want a better view beyond your own yard, aluminum may be better.

Curb appeal: People who have chosen either fencing option have been very satisfied with the results, and we are sure you will be happy with either choice as well, but consider a few factors. What look are you going for? Which better compliments the style of your home? Vinyl gives the look of wood without the added maintenance, while aluminum offers a range of color coating options.

Cost: This is obviously a big decision-maker when homeowners consider constructing a fence. In general, aluminum and vinyl are pretty comparable in price, with aluminum tending to be slightly more affordable. Keep in mind that the final cost will depend on the size of the fence, the manufacturer of the materials, and so on.

Which material should you choose? That is for you to decide! We hope this comparison helps you, but if you have any additional questions or inquiries, contact Straight Line Fence today at 616-443-2550!



Courtesy of MMC