Residential Fence Installation Grand Rapids MI

Do you want more privacy from your neighbors? Do you want to keep your dog from running way? Or do you just want to make your property look better? At Straight Line Fence in Grand Rapids, Michigan we can take care of all your residential fencing needs. It is always important to trust those who are responsible for making your family safe. We pride ourselves in being a business that is always there to make you our number one priority.

Choose the Fence YOU Want

With an abundance of different fencing options we can make your dream a reality. We can provide ornamental aluminum, polyvinyl, custom wood, railing or chain link fences. No matter if you have a big or small idea, we are here to customize the fence you want.

Ornamental Aluminum

Built Just for You

Straight Line Fence is a family driven company, so we know exactly what you need to make yours happy and safe. When we pick up the phone with you on the other line our full attention is directed towards what you want. Once you discuss your ideas with our terrific employees we will do everything we can to make them a reality. Please call today for a free consultation with no obligation, so we can discuss your ideas together.

Please call today for a free estimate.

Straight Line Fence offers a full selection of fence types to create the perfect look you desire. We provide professional installation tailored to your specifications.

Let us help you choose a fence that will suit your needs and complement your home while staying within your budget. If your fence has been damaged by weather, accidents or age, Straight Line Fence can repair or replace it even if we did not install it originally.

Benefits of Owning a Fence

  • Child safety
  • Pet control
  • Protect landscaping
  • Add architectural enhancement
  • Define property boundaries
  • Privacy
  • Reduce upkeep with low-maintenance replacement fence
  • Meet pool codes
  • Add to property value

Straight Line Fence offers a wide selection of fence styles for any need.

Whether you want to add more privacy to your property, protect your children and pets, or add to the value of your home, we professionally design and install all styles of fence to meet your requirements. Our fence styles can be constructed to comply with homeowner association rules when necessary, while always conforming to local code.

Straight Line Fence provides residential fence installation Grand Rapids MI residents have grown to trust.

Privacy Fence Styles

We offer several privacy fence styles that can be custom built from a variety of materials to complement your home and landscaping. A quality privacy fence can keep out sounds and sights from surrounding areas.

Some of our most popular privacy fence styles include:

  • Custom Cedar Wood Privacy Fence
  • Treated Wood Privacy Fence
  • Polyvinyl Privacy Fence

Semi Private Fence Styles

Many people prefer the look of semi-private fence styles, which offer some visibility, but still provide property security. Semi-private fencing allows air to flow through and stands up well to wind. Since semi-private fences look the same from both sides, they are often referred to as “good neighbor fences”.

Picket Fence Styles

Traditional picket fence styles can lend a classic charm and beauty to your home and yard. We offer a selection of picket fencing styles that can be custom built from different types of materials to best suit your lifestyle. Some of the most popular picket fence styles include:

  • Wood Picket Fencing
  • Vinyl Picket Fencing
  • Ornamental Fencing

Post & Rail Fence Styles

Post and rail fence is an open style of fence that offers high visibility and a rustic feel. It is often used to fence in larger animals, but can also be designed with mesh components to keep smaller pets from slipping through the open rails. Some of the post and rail fence styles we offer include:

  • Split Rail Fence
  • Estate Fencing
  • Paddock Fence

Swimming Pool Fencing Styles

As one of the main focal points on your property, a pool fence is not only a finishing touch for your backyard retreat, but an essential safety feature.  A pool fence can be the only thing standing between your little ones, and disaster.  For this reason, your municipality regulates pool fences.  A majority of them follow Michigan Building Code, however you must check with your local municipality for specific pool fence information. For Example, Most Municipality’s Require That:

  •  Gates must open outward away from the pool.
  • All gates must have self-closing hinges with a self-closing latch, so the gate cannot be left open.
  • The handle to unlatch the gate must be 54” high to prevent children from opening it.

There are only certain styles of fence that meet pool code.  We suggest you confirm your choice with a professional.  You can contact us at 616-443-2550 or

Pet Fence Styles

Many people choose custom pet fencing styles to keep their pets safe from other animals or from passing cars. Even if you are required to follow specific fence style regulations, we can provide additional solutions. If you must select an open style of fence, such as split rail, we can add mesh to help protect your pet and keep it confined to your yard.