Commercial Fencing Varieties and Materials

It’s not only residential homes that need fencing, businesses and other public sectors need fencing around their properties as well. Whether the need for a fence is temporary, used for privacy, or even gates are needed for sectioning areas, we at Straight Line Fence make finding your solution our priority. At Straight Line we have a number of options for your business to choose from. We have worked with numerous clients in the Grand Rapids area as well as surrounding communities with much success. The types of fencing we have completed previously have been chain link, ornamental steel & aluminum, dumpster enclosures, temporary fencing, and gates & operators.

Chain Link

Our chain link fence option has been the most preferred type of fence for the commercial and industrial realm. With the benefits of chain link being affordability, strength, and durability, selecting a chain link fence may be the material to get the job done. The fencing will also last for years without needing any replacement work. Chain link is often used for sporting areas such as tennis courts, golf courses, ball fields, etc. It’s also a great option for other large area uses such as lining factories, airports, hospitals, schools, parking lots, and playgrounds. Chain link can even be customized with: steel type (galvanized, aluminized, vinyl coated), color (black, brown, green), various mesh sizing, protection additions (barbed and razor wire), gate options (swing, rolling, cantilever), and available privacy slats.

Ornamental Steel & Aluminum

Ornamental steel is one of the fastest growing trends when it comes to fencing. Ornamental fencing is not only secure, it is designed elegantly as well. This type of fencing is popular among many corporate offices that need security for the premises, but still want to have a professional or estate look on the outside as well.

Ornamental aluminum creates the same look and feel but saves on maintenance work. Aluminum fencing is available in a wide variety of styles, colors, and heights. Straight Line Fence offers ornamental fencing in steel, aluminum, welded wire, and wire mesh.

Temporary Fencing

For instances where designated areas are needed to be marked for a limited amount of time, Straight Line Fence offers temporary fencing as a solution. Temporary fencing is often used around construction sites and roadwork areas. An additional need for this type of fencing may be for home or pool construction, concerts, festivals, and other public events.

Typically constructed from chain link panels that are placed on stands and attached with clamps. This layout makes for a simple setup and teardown regardless of location. Straight Line Fence offers delivery and installation of temporary fencing. When your project is complete, just call us to come take it down and remove it.

Whatever commercial project you are working on, Straight Line Fence has the material and staff available to craft you the necessary solution for your fencing needs. We’ve constructed different commercial fencing options with custom built treated wood fencing, three rail polyvinyl horse fencing, and a wide variety of chain link. No matter what your need is, a custom fence type can be provided for your business.