Chain Link Fence Offers An Affordable Option

Are you nervous when your children leave the yard?  Are you tired of chasing your daughter around the neighborhood?  Chain link fence offers a quick and affordable solution.  Chain link fence provides added security for your family.      

Choose the Fence Materials that are right for you!


Benefits and Comparison of Fence Materials Fencing can both beautify and define your property. So choosing what best suits your property and your preferences through looking at the comparisons can greatly help you in finding the best one without any hassles and knows what each can bring to you. There will be four different types […]

A Chain Reaction


Chain link fences are a great option for providing a boundary around your residential or commercial property. Made of woven steel wiring and posts cemented into the ground, chain link fences are known to be incredibly durable and able to withstand strong winds and extreme weather. If you are looking to add safety and security […]

Finding Your Style When Updating Your Fence

Every homeowner understands the benefit of updating their home. Not only do modern updates and installation projects make the living space more enjoyable for family and guests, but they also benefit in the long term with added property value. If you are a homeowner who eventually wants to sell their property for a return on […]

Black Blends Better

Are you looking for an affordable option, besides galvanized chain link fence?  For a small upgrade in price, black vinyl coated  chain link offers a decorative option.  The picture below was taken only 20′ Ft. away, look how nicely the fabric blends into the natural surroundings.      

Commercial Fencing Varieties and Materials

It’s not only residential homes that need fencing, businesses and other public sectors need fencing around their properties as well. Whether the need for a fence is temporary, used for privacy, or even gates are needed for sectioning areas, we at Straight Line Fence make finding your solution our priority. At Straight Line we have […]

Chain Links and Polyvinyl: The Two Main Types of Weather Proof Fencing

The Michigan winds have made the transition out of spring a little difficult to bare. The weather is one thing, but many residents are seeing damage to their home and yard. Many homeowners are looking for long lasting fencing that can hold up through every season of Michigan. Not all fences are exactly weather proof […]

3 Options for Fencing for Homes with Dogs

What are the best types of fencing for dogs? It seems that everyone has an opinion on what the best type of fence should be. Truthfully, there is no one obvious answer. The below will cover the basic pros and cons of the different types of fences available, and how they can all be looked […]

Dogs Attack Local Girl: What’s the Best Fencing for Dog Owners?

In May, two Rottweilers escaped their Grand Rapids yard and went after a young girl, dragging her under a fence. Now, the 5-year-old girl is confined to a wheelchair after being mauled by the dogs, and the story has only gotten grimmer as police learn more. The kind of fence installation Grand Rapids residents typically […]

The Best Types of Fences for Grand Rapids, Michigan Weather?

The best fence installation Grand Rapids has to offer will be happy to install whatever type of fencing you desire, from attractive cedar privacy fences to hardy chainlink fencing for construction sites. But if you’re a builder, property owner, or homeowner, then you may be wondering what the best type of fencing is for Grand […]