Chain Links and Polyvinyl: The Two Main Types of Weather Proof Fencing

The Michigan winds have made the transition out of spring a little difficult to bare. The weather is one thing, but many residents are seeing damage to their home and yard. Many homeowners are looking for long lasting fencing that can hold up through every season of Michigan.

Not all fences are exactly weather proof by the strictest definition. Yes, most fences build a buffer, but many styles simply do not block out the wind or run the problem of being too vulnerable to last the season. Parts of the fence are torn down, and the damages incurred when a homeowner gets to it is not worth having the fence up in the first place. There are two types of fence construction that are widely considered weather proof. These are Polyvinyl and chain link. The below will discuss each style independently.

Polyvinyl Fencing

Polyvinyl has the appearance of wood, but it is not nearly as vulnerable to warping, splitting, tearing, and general degradation. Polyvinyl fibers in the fence keep it well intact. But, what makes it weather proof is the flexibility of the construction itself. Basically, the fence has leeway and flexibility so it can accommodate small and subtle shifts without splintering – a common occurrence in wood. It can withstand the winds, and that is what really matters. It is virtually maintenance-free because of this. However, polyvinyl, for all its benefits, comes at a loftier cost compared to other styles.

Chain Link Fencing

Construction-wise, a chain link fence is self-explanatory. It is made up of many tightly-wired links that leave a gap between each row. The ability for a chain link fence to withstand the wind is based purely on how well-installed it is. Chain link fences leave a gap for wind flow. They are cost-effective and extremely easy to install.

A weather proof fence blocks wind to protect the home and yard. It also stays together and remains durable enough to need little repair when the windy season closes. The above two styles tend to get the job done.