Choose the Fence Materials that are right for you!

Benefits and Comparison of Fence Materials

Fencing can both beautify and define your property. So choosing what best suits your property and your preferences through looking at the comparisons can greatly help you in finding the best one without any hassles and knows what each can bring to you.

There will be four different types of fences materials that will be discussed: Custom Wood Fencing, Polyvinyl Fencing, Chain Link Fencing and Ornamental Aluminum Fencing, and looking in the following considerations:

  • Material Selection
  • Purpose and Design
  • Installation

Material Selection

Types of fencing materials range from custom traditional wood, metal, aluminum to vinyl. Each has unique qualities and different, wide ranging benefits.

  • Custom Wood Fencing. This offers a natural feel and look, often a classic one, and can provide different appeal through time. This initially cost less compared to other materials and can be customized according to your preferences. Since this can be painted or stained with any color, you can have any shade you like. Nevertheless, you will be required to allocate some budget for yearly maintenance to keep it on its top condition.
  • Chain Link Fencing. This belongs to metal fencing and is great for fences that require extreme durability. Unlike the wood fence, this requires little or even no maintenance. Aside from easy installation, this also is inexpensive.
  • Polyvinyl Fencing. This type of fence is known for great flexibility and durability. This is five times stronger than wooden fence and its flexibility will be great for locations with risky weather condition. Colors are fade resistance and there will be no need for any maintenance. All you have to do is clean it with water and soap to keep it clean. Because of its great quality, this also tend to be much expensive than chain link and wood fencing.
  • Ornamental Aluminum Fencing. Aluminum fencing offers elegance to your property. This is also durable and more likely to return on its original form after deformation occurs. This is also known for being rust-resistance.

Purpose and Design

In choosing a fencing material, you will need to consider the strength, look and longevity. Also consider the purpose, either it is for protection of a certain area, insulation, or safety fencing for livestock or pets. Apart from personal preferences, you must also consider checking fencing regulations in your locality. Some communities regulate specific color and fencing materials.

This means the considerations of designs and materials look will never simply settle with what you want. Nevertheless, whatever you choose will provide desirable look to your property. The aforementioned qualities can further help you find the best one to fit with your fencing purpose.


Fence installation can only be secure as the fence posts footings. Footings are recommended to be dug down 24-36 inches. In areas with winter weather, it will be necessary to set fence posts below frost level. Most fencing systems, except chain link, have bottom and top rails which must be securely fastened to fence posts.

In Summary

No matter what type of fence you choose, each type will be best installed by experienced experts.  With get a chance to get the best fence installation that you need.