The Best Types of Fences for Grand Rapids, Michigan Weather?

The best fence installation Grand Rapids has to offer will be happy to install whatever type of fencing you desire, from attractive cedar privacy fences to hardy chainlink fencing for construction sites. But if you’re a builder, property owner, or homeowner, then you may be wondering what the best type of fencing is for Grand Rapids weather? A Grand Rapids fence company specializing in vinyl will tell you vinyl while a wood fence contractor will tell you about the many beneficial properties of wood.

There’s no single answer, as each type of fencing material has its pros and cons when it comes to withstanding the humid Michigan summers and often brutal lake effect snowfalls. If you want a fence that will last forever, then you can build a Roman style stone fence that will last for thousands of years. If you want a fence that will actually look good and last long, then vinyl might be the better choice. When you’ve spent years fencing Grand Rapids homes, you learn how to prepare for Michigan weather, no matter the material at hand.

Fencing Grand Rapids Homes With Wooden Fencing: Pros and Cons
Of all the commonly used building materials, wood is the most prone to the elements. Wood fences will expand with humidity and can attract mildew without proper waterproofing. To withstand Grand Rapids weather, wooden fencing will require periodic maintenance to protect from rain, humidity, and heavy snowfall.

Still, wood is a popular for residential fence installation because it’s an attractive choice, and a material that can be stained, painted, and customized to your exact preferences. Plus, cedar and other woods are the best for noise reduction, if that’s a concern.

Vinyl Fencing in Grand Rapids: Pros and Cons
There’s a reason vinyl is the go-to material for fencing Grand Rapids homes: it’s near indestructible when it comes to inclement weather. Not only can vinyl withstand snow, sleet, rain, and prolonged UV exposure, but it requires practically no maintenance. However, even the best fence installation services can’t offer many custom options with vinyl, as it comes pre-fabricated in most cases. But for a sturdy, cost-effective fencing material that is perfect for the Western Michigan climate, vinyl is the way to go.

Metal Fencing: Chain Link, Iron, and More
While metal fencing is extremely strong and sturdy, it is prone to rust. However, with the proper installation and maintenance, a solid metal fence can last a century or more. It’s also an ideal material for snow fences, as it can withstand extreme weight and cold for long periods of time. Of course, if you want a residential fence installation that will boost your curb appeal, you’ll have to spend more for aluminum or iron fences.

No matter the type of fencing you choose, if you hire the right fence company to do the job, there’s no reason it shouldn’t stand up to the Michigan climate, in the long run.v