Get Started on Spring Landscaping Early by Installing a New Fence Now

Get Started on Spring Landscaping Early by Installing a New Fence Now

It may seem like winter will never end, but the reality is that spring is right around the corner. In fact, many homeowners across Michigan and beyond are already making plans for their spring gardens and landscaping projects. One great way to get started preparing early is to call a Fence Company to get a quote on a new installation now before it’s time to collect those gardening tools and head outside.

Benefits of Installing a New Fence

A Custom Fence will do more than just improve the property’s security. It will also enhance its curb appeal and offer additional visual interest to the existing landscape, offer some extra protection for kids and pets, and prevent wildlife from ruining gardeners’ and landscapers’ hard work. Custom fencing has the added benefit of allowing property owners to perfectly complement their buildings’ and landscapes’ existing decor or plan for upcoming remodels.

Why Winter is the Perfect Time for New Fencing

Property owners with a more do-it-yourself attitude toward outdoor maintenance are likely already cringing at the idea of heading outside before the spring thaw is fully underway to install a new fence in the cold. Those who are entrusting the work to a Fence Company, on the other hand, have plenty of compelling reasons to consider taking action well before the temperatures start to warm up for the season.

When it comes to planning new landscaping features and gardens, the largest advantage of having a fence installed sooner rather than later is that the process will be completed well before the first seeds need to be planted. In addition, since grass, flowers, and the majority of garden plants are dormant in the winter, existing plants are far less likely to sustain damage during the installation process this time of year. Plus, once property owners know exactly where their new fences will be and what they’ll look like, they can start planning for new gardens that will perfectly complement the new fences.

Integrate the Fence into the Landscape

There are different methods that can be used for improving the aesthetics of a new fence once spring has arrived. Creative property owners who are truly committed to creating a beautiful, usable outdoor space will have to take the fencing material into account.

Landscaping Tips for Wood Fencing

Those who have had a Wood Fence installed during the winter should decide first whether they want to cover their fences with flowering vines or leave the fences bare. Flowering vines, such as trumpet vine, can add some color contrast while simultaneously creating a more natural look against stained wood fences, but they’ll need to be maintained carefully to avoid damaging the fence. Those who don’t want to put too much effort into plant maintenance may want to consider using large, decorative flower pots instead of planting vines.

Landscaping Tips for Vinyl Fencing

Landscaping around a Vinyl Fence requires a slightly different strategy. Many property owners choose to plant ornamental grasses or shrubs in front of vinyl fences. This approach tends to require less work than installing and landscaping around wood fencing.

Landscaping Tips for Aluminum Fencing

It may be tempting to use an Aluminum Fence as a trellis, but that’s not what it’s designed to do. Over time, the extra weight of the vines can impair the fence’s stability and cause unnecessary damage. Instead, try planting shrubs or flowering plants a few feet away from aluminum fencing where the roots won’t get in the way.

Let Us Help Design Your Custom Fence

At Straight Line Fence, we pride ourselves on having the design expertise to integrate into any yard. Especially if your yard has hills, obstructions, or unique landscaping features, you’ll be happy we planned out your fence first. So give us a call and let’s get a head start on your landscaping together!