All Aluminum

More and more homeowners are choosing to add a little pizzazz to their yard with ornamental aluminum fencing. These fences cost less and require far less maintenance than a wrought iron fence, but give the same look and appeal. Believe it or not, there are many elements that go into an aluminum fence, allowing you to pick and choose to truly customize the fence you want. Below you will find several different types to consider when planning out your fence.

Two-Rail: This is the most basic style of aluminum fencing, consisting of a top and bottom rail with evenly spaced pickets between. These pickets to not extend beyond the top rail. This style is often chosen for pool fencing.

Two-Rail with Exposed Pickets: Similar to the basic two rail, except the pickets extend beyond the top rail. You can choose to have every picket extend, or every other to add a bit of variety. The top of extended pickets can be pointed, square, arched or topped with styled finials.

Three-Rail: The three rail style has two top rails spaced apart as much as you choose, with the normal bottom rail. The basic form has pickets that do not extend above the top rail; however, you can choose to have them extend with added decoration such as pointed, circular shapes between the top two rails, and more.

Arches and Other Additions: To add even more of a personal touch, you may choose to add arches over each section of the fence or accessories atop the posts. You can add on lights, tiki torches, finials or extensions for hanging plants.

What do you want your ornamental aluminum fence to look like? With so many options, you are sure to end up with a fence you love!



Courtesy of Hurrican Fence