Pool Fence Aesthetics

There are many perks to having a pool fence. One factor about pool fences that likely has you considering one is your local municipality’s rules regarding pool fences. These regulations your municipality has set in place are intended to keep your little ones, whether they have two legs or four, safe and out of harm’s way. That being said, make sure that you check with your local municipality for specific pool fence regulations before you begin planning.

Legal Considerations

Chances are that your municipality will require that your fence be 54” high, all gates have self-closing hinges and latches, and that the gate opens away from the pool, not towards it. But enough about regulations! What about aesthetics?

Despite any standards and rules you’ll have to account for as you plan for your pool fence, there are still a few variables you have some say over. For starters, the visual appearance of your fence is a huge aspect that should not be ignored; you’re going to be seeing this fence for a while. You can either dress up your fence, or get a fence that you feel you don’t have to.

Ornamental Aluminum Pool Fences

The two most common types of pool fences are ornamental aluminum and poly-vinyl. Ornamental aluminum is particularly common as these fences have great aesthetic value, spaced out railings that make it easy to watch the kids play, they are incredibly durable and require minimal maintenance. However, if it’s privacy that you seek, ornamental aluminum pool fencing may not be your best option.

Poly-Vinyl Pool Fences

On the other hand, a poly-vinyl pool fence can be a great option. Poly-vinyl is perfect for privacy and still low on the upkeep requirements. Unfortunately, depending on the style you choose, allowing for privacy does mean that the fence will also obstruct your view if you’re trying to keep an eye on the children. Whether you think poly-vinyl or ornamental aluminum will provide the right pool fencing for you, Straight Line Fences offers both fence types in multiple styles and colors, so the design is still yours to choose.

Other Pool Fence Materials

If you aren’t set on ornamental aluminum or poly-vinyl, there are still a few other options. Some pool owners prefer wood fences around their pools in order to soften the look and give it a more natural appeal. A disadvantage of wooden pool fences is that they will likely require more maintenance in the future. Others choose to get a frameless glass fence as these can be great for maintaining the illusion of openness in the backyard. This style may be ideal for smaller yards with pools.

Dressing up Your Pool Fence

An aesthetic adjustment to consider is landscaping your pool’s fence line! Tasteful plants can liven up almost any outdoor setting. If you want it to appear more natural, try planting a garden bed around the fence with curved boundaries; this will soften the less natural look of the fence. Otherwise, you may choose to use bushes and plants to cover up your fence and hide it all together! You can even decorate your pool fence with mesh, lighting, and so much more.

There are many directions you can take this, but don’t forget to consider any other fence requirements before making your decision. If you need assistance getting it figured out, Straight Line Fences has done many pool fences and is happy to help! Contact us today!