3 Reasons to Get a Pool Fence

A pool fence can keep danger out, and it can keep important things in. According to the Michigan Building Code, if there are children in the home, the pool must be fenced. Pool fencing is an effective way to keep kids safe, and it is available in a variety of styles and materials. Not only can fencing protect the most vulnerable members of the family, it can increase the home’s curb appeal and resale value. Below are several compelling reasons to install pool fencing.

Keeping Kids and Pets Safe

Whether the family lives on the busiest street in town or there’s a pool in the backyard, fencing could be the only barrier between the kids and certain disaster. If the kids like to play in the backyard, a pool fence is the surest way to prevent them from getting into the pool without proper supervision. Additionally, the municipality may require pool fencing as a way to protect passersby from getting into the pool area.

Allowing Pets to Run Freely

Dogs and other pets need room to play and exercise without restrictions. With fencing, families can enjoy greater peace of mind as they allow their pets outside without worrying about them getting out or being hit by a vehicle. If a pet owner doesn’t want his or her dog to run freely, a dog run may be an option that allows the pet to get exercise while keeping them in a certain part of the yard.

Greater Privacy for the Family

If the parents are in the house getting dinner ready and the kids and dogs are in the backyard, privacy-focused pool fencing can prevent others from peeking in. Along with keeping predators of the human and animal varieties out, pool fencing can prevent nosy neighbors from getting into one’s personal space.

Pool fencing is utilitarian by nature, but it can be made stylish as well. If a pool owner wants to protect their family and others, they can call a local fencing company today for a free estimate. For additional information on the area’s best fencing contractors, call Straight Line Fence at 616-443-2550 or contact us online today.