The Most Important Things to Consider When Installing a Pool Fence

So, your pool has finally been completed! That’s good news. But now, the next step is for you to start looking for the best ways to reduce the risks of possible accidents, particularly when there are little children inside the house or around the neighborhood. Good thing that there is one easy solution that can address this problem. The pool fence can help to keep your children and even your pets from accidentally falling into the water. However, you have to know that installing a pool fence is a rather serious matter that requires careful thinking. To help you out, here are some of the most important things that you need to consider when you install your pool fence.

The Material

A pool fence will be regularly exposed to the sun, water, chemicals as well as other types of elements and weather conditions. For this reason, you need to choose a fence made from a material that can withstand all of these. It should be a material that is durable, strong and easy to clean. A few of the most commonly used materials for the pool fences include glass, mesh, chain-link, aluminum, iron, vinyl, and wood.

White Polyvinyl Pool Fence in Zeeland, Michigan.

The Locking Mechanism

The primary purpose behind pool fence installation is to avoid any untoward incidents by keeping the kids and pets away from the pool area. In this case, you have to make sure that the gates of the fence are always fitted with a self locking and self closing mechanism. These locks must also be child-proof. It would be best if you will have the gate open from the pool so it will not open when the children play around, shove or push the gate.


The Measurements

Many states and areas today have regulations regarding the minimum measurements for a pool fence and the contractors need to build in accordance to these rules. In case you reside in a place where no such regulations are implemented, there are still basic guidelines that you need to follow. First, the height of the fence should be a minimum of 4.5 feet. The space between the two pickets should be smaller than 4 inches. The fence’s lower horizontal rail should not exceed 2 inches from the ground while the horizontal rail on the middle must be 45 inches or up from above the lower horizontal rail.


The Appearance

One of the common complaints of many pool owners is that their pool fence looks ugly. However, there is really no need for it to be so. If you will only be clever when you select the material and the position of the pool fence, you can make it blend in with the background. For a more natural look, a wood pool fence can be great. The frameless glass fence is also famous since these are discreet compared to other fences. If you like, you can also strategically put some plants and other great landscaping options for softening the look.

Aluminum Ornamental Pool Fence in Hamilton, Michigan.

These are the things that you need to consider during a pool fence installation to ensure a successful project. Give us a call or schedule a free estimate!