Five Reasons to Choose Winter for Your Fence Installation

Embracing Winter’s Edge: The Hidden Perks of Off-Season Installation As the chill of winter blankets the landscape, many homeowners shelve their outdoor improvement plans, holding onto the belief that fence installations are a task best suited for the warmth of spring or the long days of summer. This idea overlooks the unique opportunities that the […]

HOA Friendly Fence Tips

Consider your HOA When Building a Fence At first glance, homeowners’ association rules may seem a little nitpicky and pedantic. However, the goal of HOAs is to maintain a neighborhood standard that improves property values and quality of life. A fence, even a well-chosen one, may have a significant effect on neighbors, and a poorly […]

Why Choose a Cedar Fence?

Cedar Privacy Fence

Cedar is a distinguishable wood, known for its reddish color, and is a common choice for residential fencing. What makes cedar the best choice for a wooden fence? Since cedar trees take a long time to grow, boards of this material are straight grain, meaning the grain is tight and without knots. This means the […]

Chain Link Fence Offers An Affordable Option

Are you nervous when your children leave the yard?  Are you tired of chasing your daughter around the neighborhood?  Chain link fence offers a quick and affordable solution.  Chain link fence provides added security for your family.      

A Wrap Around the Pool


The last thing on your mind now that winter has begun is building a fence around your pool. But one can dream and look happily to the future, right? Come spring, it’s time to get that yard ready for lots of outdoor activity. So what are your options for a fence around the pool? The […]

Ornamental Aluminum Fences – Beautiful AND Safe!

Ornamental aluminum fencing is often thought of more as a nice-looking decoration to add to your outdoor space, rather than functional in protecting your home. While it’s true that this material makes a beautiful style fence, that doesn’t mean it is weak. Aluminum fences are available in countless sizes, shapes and designs that can enclose […]

Before Painting Your Fence…

Your wood fence is a lovely addition to your home, but from time to time you will have to refinish and repaint it. This not only keeps it looking great, but can prevent damage from insects and rot. How often do you need to be painting your fence? Experts recommend to finish and paint every […]

Why you should have a professional help design and install your garden fence.

Are you considering installing a new garden fence to give your outdoor space the finishing touch it deserves? You don’t have to face this task alone. With Straight Line Fence, you can take advantage of over ten years of experience in West Michigan fencing services and get assistance with designing and installing the perfect fence […]