A Wrap Around the Pool

The last thing on your mind now that winter has begun is building a fence around your pool. But one can dream and look happily to the future, right? Come spring, it’s time to get that yard ready for lots of outdoor activity. So what are your options for a fence around the pool? The two most common are aluminum and polyvinyl.

Ornamental Aluminum

Because this type of fence is known for its aesthetic appeal and sturdiness, it is the most popular choice in pool fencing today. It has the appearance of a wrought iron fence, but without the repairs and maintenance. Our ornamental aluminum fences are backed by a limited lifetime warranty. You also benefit with a variety of heights, styles and colors to choose from. Since the rails are narrow and spaced out, the fence won’t obstruct your view if you are trying to watch your children play in the pool from inside the house. Aluminum fences have numerous additional advantages, including their durability and minimal required maintenance. The disadvantage to this style is that they are not your best option if you are looking for privacy.


Polyvinyl is also a frequently used material for pool fences. If you are looking for an attractive fence for your pool without the upkeep, it is the perfect solution for you – it is strong and made with a UV inhibitor which prevents wear and tear by the elements. Giving the same look as painted wood, this fence looks good with any home. Contrary to aluminum fencing, polyvinyl is a great option if you are looking for privacy. The material comes in a variety of styles and colors so you are sure to find a design that works with your home. The material is also virtually maintenance-free. The only downside to these fences is that they are bulkier and could be obstructive if you are looking for something that will provide security but allow openness in your yard.

Give yourself something to look forward to come spring and start planning your pool fence! Straight Line Fence is here to help – we are still doing installations!