HOA Friendly Fence Tips

Consider your HOA When Building a Fence

At first glance, homeowners’ association rules may seem a little nitpicky and pedantic. However, the goal of HOAs is to maintain a neighborhood standard that improves property values and quality of life. A fence, even a well-chosen one, may have a significant effect on neighbors, and a poorly placed one can cause major issues. Below are a few HOA-friendly fencing tips.

Storm and Wind Resistance: It’s Important

In storm- and wind-prone areas, high winds may turn fence parts into deadly projectiles. This is particularly true with solid fences and those with wide slats. For such reasons, many homeowners’ associations prohibit wooden fences and others that catch the wind. It’s also quite common to see rules on Vinyl Fence post depth and hardware style.

Fence Height Rules and Requirements

Fence height is frequently regulated, with rules varying for front and backyards. HOA rules on fences’ height are often based on visibility and aesthetic issues, but some exceptions exist. For example, a corner lot fence may obstruct drivers’ views at intersections. In such scenarios, there may be restrictions on solid structures like a Wood Fence or an Aluminum Fence, where a picket fence may be allowed.

Visibility and Views: Making Everyone Happy

It’s common for HOA neighborhoods and gated communities to be built in scenic areas. Many of these communities make substantial investments in landscaping, which may include the creation of ponds and lakes. In these places, it’s understandable that some may be dissatisfied if a fence blocks their view. Therefore, there may be restrictions on the location, type, style, and height a Fence Company may use.

Uniformity of Style

While some HOA rules are made on a practical basis, many are created based on aesthetics alone. Some HOA communities require properties to adhere to certain styles, while others offer specific directives. Every community is different, and it’s important to understand a neighborhood’s guidelines so the owner will avoid having to replace or remove a new Custom Fence.

Why It’s Important to Pay Attention to Homeowners’ Associations, and Tips on Choosing an HOA-Friendly Fencing Option

Homeowners’ associations are capable of imposing serious fines and stiff penalties on non-compliant homeowners. If their fines are ignored, they may put a homeowner in a complicated situation by filing liens on their property. Liens make it almost impossible to sell or transfer title to a home. Ultimately, when penalties, interest, and fees are considered, the property owner’s total cost may be much higher than the original fine. To avoid hassle, stress, and unnecessary expenses, work with an HOA-friendly Fence Company.

In Closing

A homeowner’s choice of fencing and hardware styles may vary widely depending on the homeowners’ association’s requirements and their needs, as well as their reasons for fence installation. While some homeowners want more privacy, others want more security, and still others want to keep their pets and children safe. The fence choice depends on all these factors, but we’ll work within the HOA’s requirements to build a compliant fence. Call today to request a free estimate or visit the website for more details.