Why Choose a Cedar Fence?

Cedar is a distinguishable wood, known for its reddish color, and is a common choice for residential fencing. What makes cedar the best choice for a wooden fence?

Since cedar trees take a long time to grow, boards of this material are straight grain, meaning the grain is tight and without knots. This means the boards will not warp or shrink over time as seen with other treated wood.

As we mentioned, cedar has a beautiful red hue, giving it an attractive appearance. Cedar also has a distinct scent that not only smells good, but also repels insects and other pests that can cause damage to the wood. Its chemical composition prevents rot, so homeowners who choose cedar fences are able to enjoy them for generally 15 to 20 years! Pressure treated pine fences and other food fences have an average lifespan of 10 to 15 years.

Want an attractive, natural-looking fence that is strong and durable? Why not choose cedar?! Straight Line Fence has years of experience installing cedar fences in the Western Michigan area, and would be happy to assist you with your project.

Once you have decided on a cedar fence, how do you want it to look? Check out our handy design guide!