Before Painting Your Fence…

Your wood fence is a lovely addition to your home, but from time to time you will have to refinish and repaint it. This not only keeps it looking great, but can prevent damage from insects and rot. How often do you need to be painting your fence? Experts recommend to finish and paint every […]

Fall Fence Maintenance

Fall Fence Maintenance

Now that fall is here, we must face the fact that winter is not far behind. Before snow, wind and ice hit and take their toll on your fence, make sure it is ready. STEP 1: WATERPROOF A wood fence will need to be waterproofed regularly to protect it from excess moisture from snow and […]

Comparison of Fencing Materials


What kind of fence do you want? One that is cheaper, or more durable, or more versatile? Fortunately, you have many options to choose from – we lay them all out, pros and cons included, below. WOOD Pros: Natural appearance Versatile styles Can be finished with stain or paint Looks great with virtually any style […]

Why Choose Straight Line Fence?

With so many fencing contractors in the area, it can be overwhelming when faced with the decision of who to choose to work for you. So why should you hire Straight Line Fence for your fencing installation or repair? Family Owned While other contractors may have a cookie-cutter approach to apply to all clients, we […]

The Importance of a Fitting Gate

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Can A Fence Add Property Value To Your Home?


Whether it be installing a new fence tearing down a worn and torn fence and replacing it, a fence can help increase the value of your home and property. Keep the following in mind when considering a fence; making the wrong decision could make or break your property value. The style of your home. Have you […]

Cost Comparison: Vinyl vs. Wood Fence

If cost is a deciding factor in what materials you will use for your fence installation, it helps to know how the prices of different materials differ. Two of the most popular fences you see today, wood and vinyl, vary in costs of the material itself, installation, maintenance and replacement. See how they stack up […]

Pros and Cons of Vinyl Fences for Grand Rapids Homes

fence grand rapids

A recent Harris Poll survey found that 75% of Americans feel it’s important to spend time outside in their yards, and we can only assume the other 25% don’t have yards. Whether it’s gardening, backyards, or summers spent by the pool, the backyard plays an integral role in American culture. Not only that, but maintaining […]

3 Reasons for Hiring Fence Installation Companies

Good fence installation companies specialize in not only protecting and shielding your home but also making sure to do so in a way that’s aesthetically pleasing to look at from the in and outside. Whether you’ve just bought your first home, moved into a new place, or are even just thinking about renovating, finding a […]

Why You Need a Fence


It’s winter and you may not be thinking about your outdoor space and landscaping. But now is the perfect time to start planning ahead for spring and summer. Fences make great additions to residential properties for a variety of reasons. We name a few below: 1. Security. If you want to add security to your home […]