Cost Comparison: Vinyl vs. Wood Fence

If cost is a deciding factor in what materials you will use for your fence installation, it helps to know how the prices of different materials differ. Two of the most popular fences you see today, wood and vinyl, vary in costs of the material itself, installation, maintenance and replacement. See how they stack up against each other here.

Vinyl vs Wood Fence: Initial Material Cost

If you choose high quality vinyl fencing materials, they will be a bit more expensive than the average wood fencing. However, this price difference continues to decrease as quality wood is getting more expensive.

Vinyl vs Wood Fence: Installation Cost

For the most part, the prices for installing wood and vinyl fences is similar. Both require the same amount of prep and post hole work, and great attention to detail to properly install them. Since vinyl panels usually come pre-assembled rather then having to custom fit pieces like with wood, it can cost less.

Vinyl vs Wood Fence: Maintenance

While wood is subject to rot from weather and insects and needs to be washing, sealed, stained and painted, vinyl just needs a wash every once in a while to keep clean. Since the maintenance associated with vinyl is far simpler, it will end up costing you less.

Vinyl vs Wood Fence: Replacement

Vinyl fencing takes less of a beating from the environment, thus generally lasting longer than wood fencing. No matter how high the quality of wood used in your fence, it will eventually succumb to rot.


Vinyl and wood are both beautiful choices for a residential fence, but it helps to know the costs associated with each before committing to an installation. Knowing how much it may cost you will allow you to prepare for what’s ahead!