Why You Need a Fence

It’s winter and you may not be thinking about your outdoor space and landscaping. But now is the perfect time to start planning ahead for spring and summer. Fences make great additions to residential properties for a variety of reasons. We name a few below:

1. Security. If you want to add security to your home and bring yourself peace of mind, a new fence may be just what you need. High fences deter potential intruders from entering your property and getting near your home. Your pets, kids, and any possessions you keep in your yard will remain protected. Make sure to speak with your fencing contractor to find the perfect security fence for you.

2. Privacy. If your yard is visible from the street, if you have nosy neighbors, or if you just want privacy for the sake of privacy, there are fences that serve that exact purpose. Wood or vinyl privacy fences make your yard look nice, while preventing neighbors and passersby from seeing into your property.

3. Appeal. Are you planting a new garden or updating your landscaping? A fence is a great complement to add a touch of personality and curb appeal to onlookers. You can even add decorations to the fence or use it to help plants grow or prevent weeds. Just make sure to keep up with any maintenance so the fence doesn’t lose its charm!

Once you have determined your reasoning to have a fence installed, contact Straight Line Fence. We can help you choose the perfect fence that will fit your needs!