Pros and Cons of Vinyl Fences for Grand Rapids Homes

A recent Harris Poll survey found that 75% of Americans feel it’s important to spend time outside in their yards, and we can only assume the other 25% don’t have yards. Whether it’s gardening, backyards, or summers spent by the pool, the backyard plays an integral role in American culture. Not only that, but maintaining front and back yards has become a point of pride for many homeowners.

At least 83% or people say having a yard is important, and 90% of homeowners say it’s important their yards are well-maintained. And one of the most important things you can do to upgrade your outdoor spaces is to add a new fence, be it stained cedar, polyvinyl, or an aluminum security fence. It’s not just an aesthetic decision either. Simply adding a handsome aluminum fence boosts the curb appeal of a home enough to bring an average return on investment of 65%.

As winter turns to spring, fence companies like ours are will work hard to fence Grand Rapids, MI, homes. And increasingly, homeowners are asking for vinyl residential fence installation. When you fence Grand Rapids homes for a living, you become an expert at working with vinyl fences. If you’re still deciding what kind of fence is best for your home, then allow us to help you — ahem — get off the fence.

Pros and Cons of Vinyl Fences for Your Home
Our fencing company is always happy to help homeowners install the white picket fences of their dreams. While some people mistakenly believe white picket fences are made from wood, today we fence Grand Rapids homes using a polyvinyl material that’s far more durable.

Pro: Vinyl Fences Are Incredibly Durable
There’s a reason fencing companies call vinyl the “forever fence.” Unlike wood fences, vinyl never needs to be painted, stained, or treated. It won’t rust, rot, or be eaten away by insects.

Con: Vinyl Fences Can Be More Expensive
Depending on the fencing materials you prefer, vinyl can be slightly more expensive than alternatives. However, the worry free maintenance typically recoups any extra costs.

Pro: Vinyl Fences Hold Up Well in Strong Weather
If you live in Minnesota, then you need a fence that will stand up to rain, sleet, snow and sun. Vinyl can handle all of the above. Plus, because vinyl is more flexible than wood, it’s an excellent choice for areas with strong winds and storms.

Con: Vinyl Has Limited Applications as a Security Fence
There’s a reason you don’t see many vinyl fences around construction sites. If you want a sturdy security fence, then you’ll probably be better off with chain link or aluminum.

Pro: Vinyl Residential Fence Installation Boosts the Curb Appeal of Your Home
Polyvinyl fences are an extremely attractive fencing material that adds a warm accent to any front or back yard.