Spring Check Up: Fence Cleaning and Repair

With the better weather now here in Michigan, lots of families are out doing yard work. This probably includes washing windows, power washing the deck or garage, and clearing out some yard debris. When it’s springtime in Michigan, many homeowners are ready to polish what they have to enjoy their backyard. For homeowners with fences, this means fence cleaning as well.

Depending on what type of fence you may have in your yard, some material can be more challenging to clean than others. If you have any concern or confusion with what to do with your own fence, Straight Line is always available to walk you through the proper care instructions or options for repair or replacement fencing. To protect your fence this spring and summer, go run through a quick checklist of how you can keep your fence looking great and lasting for years.

Clear Potential Damage


Looking around your fence at the trees surrounding the area, see which of them have low hanging branches. Take particular notice of any branches that may cause damage to the fence if it were to break and fall onto the fence. Don’t just assume that the branches are strong enough to hang over in the yard, with enough extreme weather damage they may snap and end up costing you a lot of money for repairs. To avoid that from happening, remove the branches or simply trim them back.


The same thing goes for plants surrounding the fence as well. Allow for some space between bushes and fencing so they don’t scratch, grow through spacing gaps, or bring unwanted insects that cause damage.


Be sure to clear off any debris that may have gotten in the way of fence rails. This could include leaves, twigs, acorns, pinecones, etc. Debris from plants is known to speed up the rotting process for fences.

Check for Wear and Tear

Stress Test

By applying pressure to each individual fence post you will be able to tell if it is able to hold a certain amount of weight. If the post has become weak then even a slight wiggle will mean that the fence is not functioning well. This requires your immediate attention for repair so you can avoid paying for more repairs and replacements in the future.

Check for Weather Damage

Visually looking for weather damage that has warped the fencing from the sun, wind or hot temperatures over the year will help you spot necessary repairs. Weather damage can cause your wooden fences to expand and contract that winds up creating knots. These unwanted knots will eventually break off from your fence leaving a knothole in its place. Bugs and other insects will take over these leftover holes, so covering them with some patch up work will keep this from occurring.

Make time for cleaning and keeping your fence maintained. This simple chore will keep you from future headaches. Use the rest of your spring days to relax with your family outdoors. Of course, if you have any questions regarding fence installation or repair, call us directly at (616) 443-2550.