Adding Value to Your Home With Fencing

Selling a home puts the owner of the property in a competition with every other seller in the area. In order to sell quickly and sell for more, the home seller must make some effort to increase the desirability of their listing. A simple way to accomplish this is by adding value to your home with fencing. A fence instantly adds curb appeal, will entice more buyers to stop and look and may make the home sell for more than it would have without the feature.

Add Some Interest

A new fence is visually appealing. It defines the property lines and makes everything look better maintained and more complete. A home without a fence is like wearing an evening gown without accessories. It adds a little extra touch that makes the home look even more attractive.

Increase the Privacy

Many homebuyers prefer fences because they add privacy to the yard. This is even more important to people when they are new to a neighborhood and every neighbor is still a stranger. A fence will promote a sense of comfort to people viewing the home and this could translate into a quick sale.

Improve on Security

Even homes in very safe neighborhoods benefit from an added level of security. Fences protect in more ways than just reducing the risk of trespassers. They also help to keep toddlers and pets in the yard too. This is an important feature for many families and may be what makes the home stand out to them over the others they view.

Expand on Theme

The beauty of a vintage Victorian will stand out even more when tucked behind a white picket fence. A luxurious modern home with a wrought iron fence will look elegant. Any residential fencing can add value when the style of the fence matches the style of the home. A home should not hide behind a fence. Instead, the fence should accentuate architectural features or make the landscaping look ever more amazing.
An attractive and properly installed fence will instantly add property value. It is an exterior renovation that will be instantly noticeable as people drive by the home or see the listing online. Homeowners that install fences may suddenly have more buyers requesting a tour and this added traffic will help to increase the potential of a faster sale.