5 ways to figure out your property line


Are you thinking about building a fence? Planting a tree or two? About to sell your home? There are many reasons to all of a sudden make you realize you need to know your property line, but knowing it’s location of your property lines is a necessity as a homeowner. Not only to avoid legal […]

Tips for Building a “Neighborly” Fence

Tips for Building a Neighborly Fence Building a Custom Fence is an easy way to improve the home’s value and curb appeal while giving the yard an entirely new look. As great as fences are, though, the homeowner isn’t the only one who has to live with them when they’re built. Neighbors will also experience […]

Adding Value to Your Home With Fencing

Selling a home puts the owner of the property in a competition with every other seller in the area. In order to sell quickly and sell for more, the home seller must make some effort to increase the desirability of their listing. A simple way to accomplish this is by adding value to your home […]

Estimating The Cost Of A Privacy Fence

For homeowners, a privacy fence provides them with a more enjoyable property overall. It also allows them to relax more in their outdoor spaces. The following is a review of how to estimate the cost of a privacy fence for a residential home. The Materials and Supplies First, the owner must consider the cost of […]

3 Options for Fencing for Homes with Dogs

What are the best types of fencing for dogs? It seems that everyone has an opinion on what the best type of fence should be. Truthfully, there is no one obvious answer. The below will cover the basic pros and cons of the different types of fences available, and how they can all be looked […]

Removing and Disposing of Old Wooden Fencing

Fences give any home more privacy and security but they have limited lifespans. The old fencing must be removed to make room for the new fencing, and there are right and wrong ways to remove fencing. Doing it in an organized way with the correct tools will make the job easier and faster. The labor […]