Don’t Sell Your Home, Until You Replace That Fence!


Getting Ready To Sell Your Home? Don’t Forget That Fence! The housing market is finally on the mend, and it’s evident in West Michigan as well as elsewhere around the nation.  Close to 200,00 people live in the Grand Rapids metro area, recently ranked one of the best places to live in the US.  If you live in […]

5 ways to figure out your property line


Are you thinking about building a fence? Planting a tree or two? About to sell your home? There are many reasons to all of a sudden make you realize you need to know your property line, but knowing it’s location of your property lines is a necessity as a homeowner. Not only to avoid legal […]

Finding Your Style When Updating Your Fence

Every homeowner understands the benefit of updating their home. Not only do modern updates and installation projects make the living space more enjoyable for family and guests, but they also benefit in the long term with added property value. If you are a homeowner who eventually wants to sell their property for a return on […]

Adding Value to Your Home With Fencing

Selling a home puts the owner of the property in a competition with every other seller in the area. In order to sell quickly and sell for more, the home seller must make some effort to increase the desirability of their listing. A simple way to accomplish this is by adding value to your home […]

Can a New Fence Increase Your Home’s Value?


How a New Fence May Affect Your Home’s Value Adding a fence to a home can increase privacy, stop wildlife from getting into the yard, and keep children or pets in. However, you may not know it can also increase the property’s resale value. Here, customers can learn which fencing factors affect a home’s marketability. Fence Position […]