Benefits Offered by Polyvinyl Fencing

Fences are offered in a wide array of finishes and materials, including chain link, bamboo, vinyl, iron, and wood. Each option has a unique set of advantages as well as disadvantages. In recent years, vinyl fences have become quite popular due to their affordability and versatility. These types of fences are available in a number […]

Aluminum Hand Railing Adds Style To Handicap Access Ramp

Shown below in bronze, our aluminum hand railing is offered in seven different colors.  It can be installed as a continuous rail, seen below, or standard post section installation.  Let us add safety and style to your home today.      

The Many Options For Railing Replacement


Stairway and Balcony Railing Replacement: What to consider All stairway and balcony railing has the same purpose: it makes conditions safer for everyone in the area. However, outdoor stairway railing is subject to harsher weather conditions than an indoor residential railing faces and, as such, different materials must be used. In this guide to railing installation, homeowners […]

A Quick Guide to Residential Railing Options

Indoor and outdoor railings typically share a purpose in that they provide a safe condition for those using stairs. However, outdoor railings are under weather conditions that require the usage of different materials than those used for an indoor residential railing. Homeowners must make a variety of choices when choosing outdoor railings, such as stair […]

The Beautiful Choices of Deck Railing

Railing is an important part of any deck. Of course we need railings for safety but the deck railing can be so much more than that. The type of deck railing you choose should express your personality. It should be beautiful and add to the view not obstruct it. It should increase your property value […]

Make Your Deck or Porch Railing Truly Your Own

You spend a lot of time on your deck or porch in the summer, so why not make the space your own with a custom railing? If you have a wood deck behind your home, a cedar railing may be the perfect addition. As one of the most popular materials for outdoor decks, cedar can […]

Polyvinyl Railing offers style and strength

Here is  an array of pictures from some polyvinyl railing projects we finished up last month.  As you can see, polyvinyl railing is a stylish alternative to wood or aluminum.      

Know the Difference

Fences and railings, basically the same thing, right? Wrong! Although they appear the same, there are functional and design discrepancies between railings and fences that set them apart from one another. If you are thinking of putting up a barrier, knowing the contrasts is important. To start, fences are usually put up for the purpose […]

Is That Railing? Why Yes It Is Railing

Thats right we install railing.  Here is a white railing job we just finished in Holland, Michigan, with some help from our friends at Bouwkamp Builders.