Styles for Your Poly Vinyl Fence

You already have plenty of home and garden upkeep throughout the spring and summer, so why add more maintenance work into the mix? Poly vinyl fencing is perfect for those who want to add a stylish fence that isn’t time consuming. If you decide this type of fencing material, you have additional style options to choose from:

Polyvinyl Privacy
Polyvinyl Privacy



Poly vinyl makes a great privacy fence if you are looking to block a little of the outside world from view or want to keep kids and pets confined in the backyard. Planks and lattice are side-by-side with no spacing between, which gives the fence a contemporary look compatible with virtually any style home. Customize the fence with assorted decorative accessories.

Polyvinyl Picket




This is a literal “white picket fence” that gives an old-fashion charm to country, cottage and Victorian homes. Traditionally seen in the front yard, it can be utilized in the backyard as well, allowing for confinement of children and pets while still giving you a view beyond your property. Customize the fence with decorative top accessories and wide scallops.

Polyvinyl Ranch Rail
Polyvinyl Ranch Rail




This simple style can fit any type of home, but is mostly seen in more rural areas to frame country views. Ranch rail fencing serves the purpose of marking a property line between you and your neighbors’ yards. This style will give a more inviting look to your home and can be customize to give a more classic or elegant appearance.


Courtesy of Ply Gem