Maintenance Free Fences

Maintenance Free Fences

A new fence can redefine a yard, highlight landscaping aspects, or increase safety around a pool area. Traditional materials, such as wood and wrought iron, make decorative yet functional fences with classic looks. They also require an extensive amount of maintenance to keep them stable, in great condition, and beautiful year after year. Wrought iron will rust under normal weather conditions and must be repainted every two to three years.


A Wood Fence is susceptible to fading, drying, warping, and splintering. The freezing and thawing process makes the posts expand and constrict which can loosen them from the soil. Posts placed in cement will eliminate the soil issue, but the other issues require ongoing maintenance. Placing a seal coating on the wood helps, but that will need to be completed every two years if not annually.

This material is still in high demand because it is gorgeous and built to last with the proper maintenance. Installation is critical for a wooden fence because any joints that are not tight, post caps that are not secured, or gates not aligned properly will contribute to moisture, mold, and damage. Take the time to find a Fence Company that custom builds wood fences so all the connections are protected from the elements.

Low Maintenance Alternatives

There are materials available for fencing that resemble high-maintenance materials but require virtually no maintenance. An ornamental Aluminum Fence, for example, offers the appearance and security of wrought iron with zero maintenance. A powder coating finish resists fading and peeling and will not react to chemicals, making this type of fence ideal for around the pool or the garden. It is also a more cost-effective alternative than wrought iron. There are many height, style, and color options from which to choose.

A Vinyl Fence is less expensive and more durable than wood and provides the same great first impression as wood does. Colors and styles are plentiful and include panels and planks that resemble several natural wood grains. This material will not fade, warp, splinter, or become infested with termites or other insects. Cleaning can be done with a mild detergent and a garden hose. The added durability means vinyl fencing can withstand harsh weather conditions such as heavy wind, rain, and snow.

Selection Assistance

All these choices, along with chain link options as well, can make it difficult for homeowners to decide which material to choose for their yard space and the need. A Fence Company with years of experience will provide selection assistance to help owners make informed decisions. A professional will come out to the house, take precise measurements, and make recommendations. Once a decision is made, free estimates will be provided, and efficient installation will be scheduled.

If nothing is stock appeals to the homeowner, a Custom Fence can be designed and built based on ideas and the desired result. Before having a fence built or installed, check with the local zoning department regarding fencing ordinances. Every municipality will have slightly different ordinances and fines for non-compliance. Some, for example, dictate the materials and heights of fences installed in the front yard, which may be different from the regulations for fences in the back or side yards.