Horse Fencing and Your Farm: Part 2 [Horse Fence Styles]

Our previous blog on horse fencing materials walked you through the two main horse fence materials (polyvinyl and wood) now you can start thinking about the construction of the fence you want. There are certainly some classic looking ways to structure horse fencing, and Straight Line Fence has had experience crafting a variety of fencing for horse farms in the West Michigan area.

2 Rail Horse Fence

The two rail horse fence set up is a simple one. Only two horizontal posts line this fence so the rails should be much thicker than the other styles. This is done to prevent the horses from escaping through large gaps.

3 Rail Horse Fence

Three rail horse fencing is perhaps the most popular or traditional look for farms. Three horizontal posts line the fence in classic order.

4 Rail Horse Fence

Four rail horse fencing is also fairly common amongst horse owners with farm land. There isn’t a significant difference between 3 and 4 rails, but the look may appeal to you with smaller gaps between posts.

Crossbuck Horse Fence

One particular kind of horse fence that doesn’t keep only horizontal posts is the crossbuck pattern. Crossbuck horse fence is well-known and often selected fence design for horse farms. Featuring an X crossing pattern between posts, this design for horse fencing tends to stand out amongst the rest.

Custom Horse Fence

custom horse fence

Straight Line Fence’s specialty! We love working on custom projects and the sky is the limit with your imagined project. We can bring to life any project in mind.