Wood Fence Maintenance for Fall

Who doesn’t love fall? The leaves start to change, you can wear a sweater comfortably as well as enjoy the last weeks of serenity before the rampant cold weather hits. Unfortunately, autumn, as well as winter, can cause homeowners a lot of frustration with fence damage. If a fence isn’t properly prepared, the elements can wreak their havoc and give you a lot of trouble. Come fall, here are a few small maintenance steps you should follow to keep your wood fence in prime condition.


It’s that easy! Get rid of leaves, dirt and other yard debris in order to prevent mold and mildew from causing damage to the fence. Both can grow inside wood fence panels and cause major problems in the future, so keeping your fence clean is most important.

Remove Overhanging Branches

Loose and low-hanging tree limbs can be bad news during strong winds or snowstorms. Tree limbs that are frozen are much more likely to break and fall than normal tree limbs. Even if a branch looks fine during the summer, you may want to make sure it is secure, or remove it, before winter.

Use Fence Stain

Applying a water-repellent stain to your wooden fence helps maintain its looks throughout fall and winter. Areas with high-moisture are hard for wood fences to bear, so it is critical to use a good stain before wet weather hits.

Check After Rain

After major storms, check your fence for damage or other problems so you can fix them before they become worse. Repairing things as needed rather than doing all repairs at once is much easier and cheaper for homeowners.

Fall is great, but winter can be a drag. As long as you make sure your fence is well-maintained, the strong, cold weather won’t cause you quite as much grief.




Courtesy of Rick’s