Working With Your HOA

Most communities have a Home Owner’s Association, a group of people in the neighborhood working to monitor the area and make improvements. This association sets standards and regulations as to what can be done to one’s property to ensure all residents maintain their properties in a similar form. Most of the time these by-laws are simple to follow; other times they can be limiting to homeowners.

In order to keep the peace, follow these guidelines so your project will go smoothly without offending your HOA.

  • Ask for a copy of HOA by-laws.
  • Complete any necessary paperwork and provide samples of materials to be used in your project for HOA approval.
  • If the desired material is not approved, you may be able to appeal the decision. Make sure to follow the correct process, include as many statistics as you can, and talk to other neighbors to see if they agree with your stance.
  • Fence manufacturers may be able to provide information on testing and quality of the product, which will help your case.
  • Some HOAs set certain hours in which construction work can be done outside your home. Be sure to follow them.
  • Establish a certain place for storing materials that won’t inconvenience your neighbors.
  • Keep the work are clean and arrange for trash removal before the construction/renovation begins.
  • Involve your neighbors by showing them the finished product once it is finished.


Courtesy of Ply Gem