Working With Your Fencing Contractor on a New Installation Project

You’ve decided you want a new fence installation, but aren’t quite sure what to do next. These are our top tips for the best communication through a new installation project.

1. Decide what you want. Consult with your partner or other household decision makers and make sure everyone’s on the same page.

A lapse in communication is one of the main culprits when it comes to an unhappy customer. Before moving forward with an installation make sure everyone involved knows exactly what they are envisioning and want for the end result.

2. A picture speaks a thousand words.

By pulling together images that you like, you can come up with a game plan for your own installation. With a Pinterest search you should be able to pinpoint styles that you do and don’t like, so you can create a design you love.  

3. Ask around.

It’s no surprise most small businesses report that most of their new business comes from referrals. Your community will be one of the best assets to you as you search for a fence installation company. Ask around and you’re sure to hear the good, the bad, and the ugly from your neighbors and friends. This input will surely help you make a sound decision about who you’d like to hire.

Keep in mind when looking at online reviews that angry customers are typically more motivated to write reviews than happy ones. One or two negative experiences may not be enough to outweigh several happy clients.

4. Check out some previous jobs.

Your fence installation company should have examples of the work they’ve done either in a gallery on their website, or elsewhere. Ideally you’d be able to check out some of their previous work in person at a showroom or completed project locations. Make sure you like the finished job before hire.

5. Communicate your priorities.

Make sure that your installation company knows what is most important to you with regard to your fence installation. If something comes up where the design needs to be tweaked, or there is an unexpected obstacle, make sure you’ve talked about what you’d be willing to compromise on if anything. Maybe you’re prioritizing the security of your fence more than the way it looks, this would be good for your company to know.

6. Schedule meetings.

Rather than pulling your fencing company away from the job to discuss questions or concerns during the middle of their process, schedule time where everyone can sit down and talk about these things. When we’re intentional and organized with important conversations, the process will move along more quickly and there’s less likely to be confusion or mistakes.

Group emails are one easy way to keep everyone informed when working with tight schedules or limited time.

7. When searching for a company, don’t just take the cheapest bid. 

Rather than just accepting the least expensive quote, interview your installation company as if you’re hiring an employee. You want to make sure you feel comfortable communicating with them, agree with their vision, work style, and how they do business. These will all be important pieces as you move forward with the install.

8. Think about what kind of client you will be.

Be honest. Are you someone that will micromanage or will you be very hands-off? Make sure your installation company is comfortable with the way you’re intending to participate in the project. By asking questions about how they like to work, and what they’ve enjoyed about past clients you’ll get an idea of how well you will work together. Be honest and up-front about what you expect from your fence installation company.

Recognize that each company you interview is also getting an idea of who you are and they are making decisions about working with you. Make sure that you’re pulling your end of the deal by returning phone calls, answering questions, and following up with everything on your end as well.

9. Ask about the process.

Take into consideration that, depending on the project, you may not be able to enjoy your yard or commercial space for a short period of time. Maybe you’d like to take a trip out of town for a little bit, or just make sure to be out of the area while installation is going on. Talk to your fence installation company about what they recommend.

10. Get a contract.

Make sure before any construction begins that both parties have signed a contract they can agree on. Most problems can be avoided when a contract is in place. This will establish expectations for both parties as you move forward with your fence installation project. Once a contract is in place, the chance that it will need to be referenced is minimal, as simply its existence typically brings a level of comfort and professionalism for both parties.

11. Give a little grace.

While companies always do their best to meet deadlines, sometimes unexpected hurdles arise and your expected completion date is extended. Weather, changes to design, and other factors, can impact the time it takes for your installation. If you have questions always ask so that new expectations can be established, if necessary.

12. If you’re happy, say thank you!

As we mentioned before, referrals are one of the best ways for fence installation businesses to grow. Saying thank you by sending referrals, or writing a positive review on social media platforms are two great ways to show gratitude. If you want to go above and beyond, think of a way to say thank you that would be meaningful to the experts that worked on your project.

If you have more questions or ideas about what to keep in mind, we’d love to hear about them! What would you recommend for someone getting ready to install new fencing?

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