Why Wooden Gates Sag

When homeowners find themselves with a saggy gate, they must know that there are quite a lot of factors that contribute to the situation. This often creates a frustrating problem that is usually unsightly, doesn’t function properly, and is not so easily fixed most of the times. Here are some factors to consider:

Add-On or DIY

Was your gate built and installed after the rest of the fence? Or was it a Do-it-yourself job? Often, in these situations we see a gate that is heavy on a foundation intend to hold only the weight of a fence. But when you have a gate that opens and shuts regularly there is torsion being put on the rest of the fence – causing the fence itself to bend and bow.

Post Size

In order to avoid having a saggy gate, make sure to inquire about the recommended size of the post to be used when speaking with your fence contractor. An experienced contractor can determine the accurate size of the post to be used easily and should be able to give they plan right away. For instance, a single 3’-4’ gate needs at least a 4×4 post. Larger? 6×6 post would often be used for a large double wood gate.

Smart Construction

Another reason why your gate might be sagging depends on the way the actual gate is constructed. Be wary of contractors using “anti-sag kits”. This is a sure sign that the initial construction is planning on sagging. This type of gate construction should be avoided.

Hearty Hardware

Finally, the key ingredient to setting up a gate that will not sag is by installing heavy duty, properly sized & properly placed hardware – as in hinges, springs and supports. If you use a hardware that is light weight or improperly sized, chances are that it will bend, break or just detach off the gate or post altogether. Speak with your contractor about hardware specifically and be sure to ask for heavy duty hardware.

Get it right the first time…

The best solution for a saggy wooden gate is to correctly install it from the beginning. However, it is also important to know that every now and then, even the best installed gates can need a “tweak.” This also contributes immensely to maintaining a good gate health over time. That is why, it is good for you to use a dependable company that will gladly return to give it an adjustment if need be.

Let us Know!

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We built our gates properly and they do not sag. We have highly experienced professionals who are skilled in building wooden gates and we can custom build to fit even an existing fence.