Why Wood?

Picture your dream fence; any color, height or style you wish (within HOA regulations, of course!). Chances are, your dream can be achieved with customized wood fencing.

Wood is a classic choice for a property border as it can complement virtually any style home. Looking for a certain level of privacy? These fences can be built with pickets ranging from widely spread to directly side-by-side. Once you have the design planned, choose from many different types of wood and a huge selection of stains or paint colors to get the look you desire. Costs can vary greatly and will depend on the size of the fence, the type of wood you choose and other embellishments.

The installation process is relatively easy. Our contractors will build your custom fence on site to ensure your dream fence is coming along just the way you want it. After the fence has been installed, maintenance is key to keeping it in good condition and looking great. This will involve regular inspection of the paint and staining , looking out for overhanging branches or other potential problems, and cleaning off dirt and dust. Any problems you find should be addressed promptly before further damage is incurred.

If you have more questions about wood fencing or would like to see your options, contact Straight Line Fence.