Why Many Business Properties Choose a Metal Ornamental Fence

For decades elegant ornamental iron fencing was the first choice for homeowners who wanted to increase privacy and property values. Most original fences were made of sturdy wrought iron that was formed into elegant patterns. Today it is just as common for an industrial or commercial client to request an ornamental fence from professionals like Straight Line Fence. However, their fences are often constructed using advanced steel and aluminum materials that offer exceptional benefits. This decorative metal fencing is beautiful, very durable and easily adapted to a variety of uses.

Aluminum vs. Steel Ornamental Fencing

Although traditional wrought iron fences are still in use, most business clients now opt for either ornamental steel or aluminum products. Both are available in a range of styles. In fact, fencing providers generally work with a variety of manufacturers, which makes it easy for them to supply products that match clients’ requests. Steel and ornamental aluminum fence materials are both durable, but steel is the stronger. Clients typically choose steel fences when security is very important. Aluminum is the best choice for clients who want very low maintenance fences that are highly resistant to the environment. Manufacturers can create both materials in an almost unlimited number of designs and styles. In fact, it can be hard to tell one material from the other at a glance.

There Is Metal Ornamental Fencing for Every Need

Many manufacturers, institutions, municipalities and businesses now substitute ornamental metal fences for the drab materials once used to increase privacy or security. Modern materials provide them with all the strength and durability of utility fences but add style. Decorative metal fences help clients create polished, professional first impressions. Customers can choose from traditional heavy steel fences with easy-maintenance coatings or lightweight versions with many of the same benefits. Aluminum industrial fences are available in a wide range of versatile, durable styles. Elegant steel and aluminum commercial fencing is easily be adapted for parks, business properties, parking lots, schools and apartment buildings. Ornamental fencing can mimic the look of classic styles such as rail fencing and wrought iron. Clients can even order ornamental architectural welded wire that adds beauty while deterring climbing and cutting.

Today many industrial and commercial clients fence their properties using good-looking ornamental metal products. The low-maintenance materials provide them with the strength and durability they need while also adding beauty and interest.