Why a Privacy Fence?

When considering your options for property boundaries, it is important to know the advantages each presents. Below are six benefits to installing a privacy fence in your yard.


Privacy fencing, over other fencing varieties, provides your property with some shelter from the elements. When winds are strong, it can act as a wind barrier to prevent it from damaging plants, furniture and anything else you keep on your property. It can also provide shade, depending on its position in relation to your home.


A privacy fence can lend additional decoration for a landscaped yard or garden. You can add paint or staining that matches other elements in your landscaping, as these fences are generally made from materials that accept paint and other decoration more easily.


A large benefit of choosing a privacy fence over other types is the diverse styles and materials available. Since there are so many options, you will be more likely to find one that suits your needs. The variety also gives way to a wide range of pricing, so it can be easier to stick to a budget if you have one. There are also sustainable materials for privacy fencing for those who are concerned with the environment.


Privacy fences provide protection in keeping children and pets in, and unwanted intruders out. They keep your property hidden, as well as give a clear indication of where your property ends and the neighbors’ begins.


This particular fencing is designed to last a long time and requires little maintenance to remain in good condition. An unfinished fence can be protected with a few coats of varnish, and surface debris can be removed with a cloth and soap and water. Loose fasteners can be tightened or replaced when necessary, and areas of rust can be removed with sandpaper and then treated.


A privacy fence can also reduce the amount of noise that comes into your yard from beyond the fence. The presence of the fence and its thickness will dampen noise so that it is less intrusive as it would be with another type of fence or no fence at all.

If you are interested in improving the privacy of your home and yard, as us about our privacy fencing options!


Courtesy of Do it Yourself