Weatherproof Your Fence Today

Fences can be used to enhance your privacy from neighbors or to keep animals contained in a certain area.  No matter the reason for your fence, it’s important to know how to protect it so it lasts as long as possible.

Follow these guidelines for keeping your fence safe during any type of weather.


Wood Fencing

-It’s necessary to always keep wood fences clean.  If dirt and debris start to cover the surface of the wood, it enhances the rate of decay.  The life and attractive appearance will be significantly shorter.


-As time goes on you will begin to see signs of a decrease in your wood fence’s waterproofing ability.  A wood fence always needs to be properly weatherproofed so it is does not deteriorate.  To assure your fence is adequately waterproofed spray a small amount of water on the wood.  If the fence turns dark immediately it is absorbing the water, meaning you need to apply another coat.  If the water beads off the surface of the fence it’s waterproofed properly.


-If you have not done so already, you must apply a waterproofer to any wood fence.  To do so, you must first clean the fence with particular wood cleaning solution.  You let the solution sit for 15 minutes and once it has dried completely, with a stiff brush scrub the fence gently and let the solution rinse away.  The fence needs to dry for three days.  If moisture is locked in the fence it can cause decay.


Iron Fencing

-To preserve your iron fence for a long time your must take care of it in the correct way and maintain the rust proof barrier.  You must brush off flaking rust or paint with a stiff brush and a special anti-rusting solution.  Scrub this over the entire fence.