Want Stylish, Modern Fencing for Your Home? 3 Popular Options

Since at least the 1950s, the idea of white picket fences has been synonymous with the American Dream of owning your own home, although some experts say it actually dates back even further, to the days of Huckleberry Finn and Mark Twain.

Despite what most people think, and as the best fence companies will tell you, most white picket fences are actually made out of vinyl, not wood. Even though a white picket fence is a classic symbol of Americana, many homeowners are now asking their fence companies for something a little less old fashioned.

In 2021, many homeowners are looking for stylish fences with a modern look. So if you want a modern looking fence for you home, here are three different options for residential fence installation to consider:

Custom Wood Fences are Making a Resurgence with Luxury Home Builders

While the wood picket fences of old have been replaced by cheaper and more durable polyvinyl, wood has made a major comeback in recent years, particularly among luxury builders and architects. With the right fencing company and carpenters, wood can be crafted into hundreds of unique and stylish custom designs. With the proper lacquer and finishing, a custom wood fence can be matched to any look or home decor.

Plus, wood serves as a sturdy choice for privacy and pets. And since the latest U.S. zoning committee experts report that at least 80 to 90% of the applications for fences are for modern privacy fences, it’s no wonder wood is making a comeback.

Colored Vinyl


Vinyl fencing has come a very long way, even in the last ten years or so. New colors, seamless section transitions, potential built-ins like electric and lighting are all available. Great for privacy and security, and virtually maintenance-free, vinyl fencing might be the most customizable fence out there!

Ornamental Aluminum Fencing

Ornamental Aluminum
Ornamental Aluminum

Finally, if you want a classic fence that doesn’t look old fashioned, then ornamental aluminum is a perfect choice. While it’s not a great choice for privacy, aluminum fences offer a sleek, elegant look for any property. Not only that, but it’s a durable fencing material that will stand the test of time with minimum treatment or maintenance required. Even better, a classic aluminum fence can vastly improve the curb appeal of your home, offering a return on investment of 65% on average.

Let’s Customize YOUR Fence!

Unfortunately, not all fence companies are up to the challenge of installing a practical and modern fence, but we love this stuff! With these three popular fencing materials, and a bit of creativity, it’s definitely possible to install modern fencing that looks great and serves a practical purpose as well.

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