Vertical Gardening with Your Privacy Fence

If you live in the city or even the suburbs, it can be difficult to grow your own garden. The lack of space in a yard can limit your ability to grow the plants you want. If you live in an urban environment, this doesn’t mean you have to settle for buying all produce at the grocery or market. You can still have your own small garden in your backyard with the assistance of a privacy fence.

Vertical Gardening

Rather than planting horizontally with the limited space you may have in the backyard, you can make use of your privacy fence by planting vertically. Vertical gardening is achieved by planting in cubbies or containers that connect up the sides of your privacy fence. Not only does vertical gardening provide you with a way to plant without taking up valuable yard space, but it provides a chic look to your backyard as well.

There are different ways of creating your vertical garden, so it all depends on how you want it to look in the end. Pinterest provides many ideas and visuals that will inspire you to make your very own garden with the help of your privacy fence. A frame to hold the containers for your plants will provide extra security for both the garden and your fence.



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