The Best Fence Types for Big Dogs

Anyone who has a big, energetic dog knows how hard it can be to contain them. After all, many big dogs still think they’re puppies, and they have fun barking at cars and chasing squirrels. When there’s a furry family member who doesn’t realize his or her size, it’s important to carefully consider Custom Fence options. Below are five essential factors to remember when choosing a fence for a big dog.

Big Dogs Need High Fences

Most people have fences of four feet or less, which isn’t likely to deter a Lab, Golden Retriever, or Husky. Therefore, owners of these breeds should think about installing a Wood Fence that’s at least six feet tall. While some owners think they can get by with occasional fence height extensions, that strategy only trains dogs to jump higher. A dog owner’s best bet, in this case, is to tear down the old fence and install a new one all at once.

Make the Fence Harder to Climb

No matter how high the fence is, a smart, strong dog will still try to figure out a way to get over or around it. Even if a dog can’t jump the fence, he or she may climb it. When selecting an Aluminum Fence, it’s vital to pick one that’s as climb-proof as possible. For instance, a chain-link fence is a bad idea for a vigorous climber. On the other hand, a panel fence’s flat surface makes it difficult for dogs to gain a foothold.

Think About Invisible Fencing

Many homeowners turn to invisible fences because of their simplicity. If local or HOA rules prevent the installation of a sufficiently high fence, an invisible fence may be the only option. However, a traditional fence combined with an electronic fence of this kind is preferred.

Make the Dog Want to Stick Around

Dogs typically don’t like being fenced in, whether it’s an invisible or physical barrier. Many try to escape out of sheer boredom. If a dog needs a substantial amount of exercise but isn’t getting it, even the best fence won’t be enough. If you own a herding, working, or large breed dog, exercise is a must. Along with a new Vinyl Fence, consider making the yard dog-friendly.

Consider the Dog’s Skills

Despite the old saying, dogs can learn new tricks, both from their owners and on their own. Many pet owners have seen their dogs open doors in the home, and they can do the same thing to an outdoor fence. Part of selecting the right fence is getting the right gate to go with it. Talk to a local Fence Company about locking mechanisms and gate options that prevent wayward pets from escaping.

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Once dog owners consider their options and learn from this guide, they’ll be able to make better decisions about the fence type that’s best for their furry friends. According to the ASPCA, less than 20% of lost dogs are ever reunited with their families. Call our local Fence Company to learn how decorative custom fencing can keep four-legged family members safe.