Summer Maintenance Tips for Wood, Vinyl, and Aluminum Fences

Some fencing materials require more maintenance than others, No matter what material property owners choose, it’s important to evaluate the condition of their fences periodically to ensure they are looking their best. Read on to find some tips regarding summer maintenance for wood, vinyl, and aluminum fences below to find out what to look for and what to do if a problem should arise.

General Issues to Look For With Your Fence

There are some issues that are particular to certain materials, but all fences require periodic checks for things like wobbly posts and damaged gate hinges or locking mechanisms. If these issues are present, it’s best to call a Fence Company to have the issues evaluated before the damage gets any worse.

Similarly, all fences should be clear of low-hanging branches. Low-hanging branches pose a serious risk if they are not trimmed immediately, as there is always the chance of their falling and damaging the fence during that next big storm. Loose dirt and plant matter that has been thrown on the fence by lawnmowers, pets, and children should also be removed, as it can encourage mildew, insects, and rot.

Summer Maintenance for Wood Fences

Adequate maintenance should be performed throughout the summer, as what begins as a minor problem can cause potentially serious damage very quickly during the hottest months of the year. The first step is to check for unwanted vines and weeds growing against the Wood Fence. Once any undesirable vegetation has been removed, the fence can be cleaned using a power washer to remove any dirt and grime.

When the fence has been cleaned, the wood should be stained. This step doesn’t have to be performed each time a maintenance check is completed, as a high-quality, UV blocking wood stain can usually be expected to last through the summer, but the fence should be checked for signs of wear more frequently. Wood fences that are painted rather than stained often require more maintenance, as the paint can be prone to blistering and peeling during the hottest months.

Summer Maintenance for Vinyl Fences

Vinyl has a reputation for being more durable and easier to maintain than wood, and it generally is. That doesn’t mean a Vinyl Fence will require no summer maintenance, though. Low-hanging branches and encroaching vegetation will still need to be removed, and the fence will most likely still require at least one good pressure washing over the course of the season. Keep in mind that the improper use of pressure washers can wind up denting or cracking vinyl, so be sure to entrust this essential task to an experienced contractor.

Summer Maintenance for Aluminum Fences

The summer heat makes cleaning an Aluminum Fence a breeze. All of the dirt, debris, fertilizer, and grass clippings that wash up against it can simply be rinsed off with a hose, and the fence can then be left to dry in the sun. Property owners should also spot check their fences for stains and apply degreasers or rust, calcium, and lime cleaners to remove them.

Get Started Today

A Custom Fence is an investment, and it deserves to be treated as such. Property owners who don’t have time to perform their own maintenance should at least do periodic checks of their fences to see how they are holding up over the course of the summer. Have a Fence Company in mind that can help in the event any problems arise.