Spring Cleaning

Spring is creeping in, and your fence may be showing some wear from the rough winter. This is the prime time for maintenance – you can either schedule an appointment with a fencing contractor, or go through the following check list to ensure your fence will be functional and aesthetically appealing throughout spring and summer.

  • Look at the trees in your yard and take notice of any branches that are hanging low over the fence. They could be broken or weak, increasing the likelihood of falling on the fence and causing damage. Remove or trim back these branches.
  • Follow the same procedure for bushes or plants that are near the fence. Allow space between these plants and the fence to prevent damage.
  • Clear off any debris that has gathered on or between the fence rails, such as leaves, twigs, acorns or other items. These can speed up the rotting process.
  • Apply pressure to each fence post to ensure it can handle the weight and hasn’t become weak. Even a slight wiggle means the fence is not functioning to full capacity. Fix this ASAP or you will have more extensive repairs in the future.
  • Fluctuations in outside temperature can cause the wood in your fence to expand and contract, creating knots. These knots eventually fall out, creating knotholes. Insects like to burrow in these holes, so patch them up.

The time is approaching to get outside and enjoy the spring weather. When outside in your backyard you want to have an pleasant view to keep your spirits high, so make sure your fence is looking pristine! If you have any questions about fence installations or maintenance, call Straight Line Fence at (616) 443-2550.


Courtesy of Fence Makeovers