Short-Term Fencing

Businesses have specific needs when it comes to fencing. Sometimes, a building or construction project requires added security for a certain period of time. These situations call for temporary fencing, which can be set up, moved around and removed as you wish. What are the benefits of this type of fencing? Keep reading to find out!

Protecting workers.
While doing your work effectively your number one goal should be to keep your workers, as well as anyone that visits the site, safe. Block off unsafe areas to avoid the stress and worry that someone may wander off and hurt themselves.

Protecting the work site.
Believe it or not, construction areas see a lot of theft and damage to property, especially in high crime areas, so in addition to keeping staff and passerby safe, you want to keep your place of work safe too. Set up a boundary to keep potential criminals out and away from valuables.

Following safety requirements.
Most states have specific construction requirements for health and safety of workers and the community in general. Temporary fences will surely cover several of those requirements, and minimizes the risk of accident or injury.

Saving you money.
Temporary fences provide security to a work area while sticking to budget. Depending on your needs, Straight Line Fence will find the perfect temporary fencing solution for you. Protect yourself, your employees and your work – ask us about our options today!


Courtesy of Johnny On the Spot