Right Out of the Gate

Not surprisingly, your fence gate is more prone to wear and tear than the rest of the fence. Posts simply need to stand sturdy, while the gate involves a variety of parts that allow it to open, close and lock. If you are having issues with your gate, think about the following.

Function: Make sure that the gate works with what is supporting it; a gate made of heaver materials should be supported by posts that are strong enough to keep it up and working properly. If you don’t use the gate often, this is not as important, as they are more stable when they remain in locked position. If you find your gate doesn’t seem to be working correctly, it could be that you had the wrong type of gate installed in the first place, or that the hardware needs to be adjusted or replaced. Speaking of hardware . . .

Hardware: A gate that sticks or scrapes likely needs to have its hardware repaired or replaced. The hardware – hinges, latches, locks – is what allows the gate to do its job! Most of these pieces are relatively easy to fix – and cheap to purchase, unless you need something rare or fancy. You can find them at hardware stores, and have the gate fixed in an afternoon!

If you have any questions about fixing your current fence gate or installing a new one, contact us today! We would be happy to help!


Courtesy of Home Advisor