Should I Repair or Replace my Fence?

Fencing offers privacy as well as a border around a home to keep children and pets from escaping the yard. It can also provide security for a home or business. To keep a fence looking good for many years, it’s critical to inspect it annually and make repairs as needed. While, sometimes, home and business owners have good reasons for installing new fencing, a well-maintained fence can last up to 50 years.

Fence Problems

Answering the question, “Should I Repair or Replace My Fence?” can only be answered after assessing the wear or damage and the costs associated with installing new materials. The different fence materials are susceptible to various types of damage. For example, a wood fence might rot or be impacted by insects. Vinyl could be damaged by storms, vehicles crashes, or vandalism. Aluminum fencing, although it is among the most durable materials available, could be affected by shifting soil. A worn or damaged fence can impact the value of a home.

Repairing a Worn Fence

Handy homeowners can make minor repairs on their own. However, if the repair involves removing one or more cemented posts or replacing a large portion of the fence, it might be better to call in a professional fence repair contractor.

Wood Fence Damage

Wooden fences are generally fairly easy to repair. Holes caused by insects or excessive moisture can be filled with putty and the boards can be painted so they all match. However, beware of uneven or non-sturdy posts (like below). This can indicate rotting of the post below ground, erosion of the posthole, or even improper installation. You may think this could be a simple fix, but to re-post a section of wooden fence requires disassembly of the sections on both sides of the post you’re replacing to prevent further damage. In addition, if there are undulations in the ground, or if the new post isn’t installed properly, the fence could experience even more damage down the road.

The fact is, loose posts have a danger of collapsing and, in storms or high wind, they can be lifted out of the ground, carrying large sections of fence with it. This will not only destroy your fence, but potentially more damage to your (or your neighbors’ houses.

Vinyl Fence Damage

To repair damage to vinyl fencing, the damaged panel will need to be removed and replaced. In some cases, this might mean removing a section of the fence. Vinyl is one of the most affordable fencing materials, so replacing a few damaged panels should be a lot less expensive than installing an entirely new fence.

Broken Vinyl Fence Panels are common

Aluminum Fence Damage

Damage to aluminum fencing is more complicated to repair and typically requires the help of an experienced professional. Bent posts or rails can be removed and replaced, but they need to be welded in place. A post that has shifted due to excessive rain or changes in the soil will be more complicated to remove because it’s cemented into the ground. Home and business owners who use aluminum fencing should get an estimate for both repair and replacement prior to making a decision.

When it Makes Sense to Replace

Before repairing damage to any type of fencing, owners should determine whether the costs to repair the fence outweigh replacing it. Older fences might need more repairs over time and in some cases, it might make sense to replace an aging fence rather than continuing to make repairs. In some cases, it will be difficult or even impossible to get replacement parts for a very old fence even if it could be repaired.

There are other good reasons to consider fence replacement as opposed to repair. The first being: style. There are a lot of durable and beautiful fence material options to consider. Also, you may have an existing fence that doesn’t offer enough privacy or simply no longer meets your needs. In both cases, tearing it down and replacing it with one that will add value to the property can make the home more enjoyable for you. A trusted fence contractor can help you assess your needs and choose the most appropriate fencing material for your home.

Custom Privacy Fence with gate for security
Standard vertical wood panel privacy fence
Custom fence for uniques property, with accent lighting. Photo Courtesy of

A nice fence can significantly improve the appearance of a home or business. Minor damage that is visible from the street must be addressed immediately in order to maintain the positive impression the wood, vinyl, or aluminum fencing provides. When it’s time to replace the entire fence, a skilled contractor can help create a custom fence design that enhances the look and security of the property.

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