Reasons to Install a Fence

There are many benefits to installing a fence:

Privacy and Security: Fences keep yourself, your family and your possessions blocked from unwanted company.

Curb Appeal: A well-kept and attractive fence will not only look nice to those who pass by your home, it will add value to your property. People looking for a new home want to find a place where they will feel safe, and fences add the protective barrier they may be looking for.

Defining Boundaries: Whether you want a fence for your home or commercial facility, a fence draws the line to how close unwanted trespassers can come to your property. It marks your territory and what belongs to you and separates it from what does not belong to you. Fences can even help with neighborhood disputes.

Pleasing the Community: The appearance of a neighborhood determines its personality. Homes with nice looking fences add to the charm of the area overall, and when all neighbors take care of their property, everyone stays happy!

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Courtesy of Town & Country Fence