Prepare Your Fence For Winter

We See Fence Damage Every Year

Though it’s been a mild winter, the snow and ice are going to be on their way, it’s just a matter of when. So, if you have got a fence, it is necessary that you prepare for the winter weather so that fence stands tall and strong for years to come.

Avoid Snow & Ice Build Up

During a mid-western winter, snow is inevitable. Most often, wood fencing is susceptible to damage as a result of excessive moisture and heavy snow and can discolor it or make it sag. But make no mistake, if snow is placed in the wrong way near other fence types like polyvinyl or chainlink OR if the weight of snow and ice gets to be too much, they can bend or in the case of vinyl even crack under the weight.   To keep your fence strong for the winter, you must avoid snow and ice buildup. If you have a wooden fence, you may consider treating it was a waterproof coating. But with all types of fence, if you see it building up, clear snow and ice from your fence regularly.

Snow Plows Are a Fence’s Worst Nightmare

A snow plow can damage your fence if you are not careful. It can hit your fence and push it over while some of its parts and posts might get broken. Sometimes, it is the pile of snow, pushed by the plow that can even damage the fence. To effectively prepare your fence for winter without causing any damage, here are a few helpful tips to follow.

  • If you are concerned or perturbed with the current damages you are experiencing on your fence, it is important to speak with your snow removal supplier about the situation.
  • You will need to create a “catch area” where snow can be piled up which should be located away from your fence lines.
  • As soon as snow piles become excessively large for your fence lines, make sure to get rid of them because they can damage your fence.
  • Avoid piling up plowed snow inside a fenced area. Have your plow service remove large piles getting too close to your fence.
  • Do you prefer to use a Snowblower? Blow away from fence so snow and ice don’t build up. By so doing, snow will not pile up on the fence while damage will not be experienced due to its weight.
  • If your fence is along a street intersection, driveway or street curve, put barrier posts up. This will help to slow vehicles down and prevent them from hitting it.
  • In commercial parking lots be sure to tell your plow service to keep snow piles away from fences and dumpster enclosures.

  • Even sidewalk plows have a tendency to come close to, and blow snow on surrounding fence lines.

  •  If you use a snow blower or shovel, distribute the snow evenly and avoid piling it up against your fence.

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