Myths About Vinyl Fencing

When starting a fencing project, it is important to know the materials you are working with. Vinyl fencing has become increasingly popular, but there are common misconceptions people have about this up-and-coming choice in fencing.

MYTH #1: Vinyl fencing looks cheap

Poly vinyl fencing of high quality adds a fresh, clean appearance to any property. Most compare the look of these fences to the classic style of painted wood, but without the upkeep!

MYTH #2: Vinyl fencing will turn yellow

Poly vinyl fences are made with a UV inhibitor that makes them strong and resistant against sunlight and other extreme weather conditions. You will notice no warping, splintering or fading, even over time.

MYTH #3: Vinyl fencing offers few style choices

There are hundreds of premium poly vinyl styles to choose from, allowing you to pick the color, design and accessories you wish to match the look of your home and property. If you want a privacy fence, we can do that with vinyl fencing. Want a boundary that still offers a view? We can do that too!

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Courtesy of Southern Fence and Rail