Is It Possible To Light Up Your Fence?

Is It Possible To Light Up Your Fence?

So, you’ve finally finished building a fence around your yard, but it feels just – naked – on its
own. Plus, now you have to worry about walking into it at night. To make your new lawn
decorations feel more homely, you should consider adding lights to your fence. Lights not
only create a nice ambiance in your yard, they make it safer, as you can see around the
entire perimeter of your property. However, it may be difficult to figure out which style of
lighting will work best for you without a little research. There are three simple types of
fence lighting that you can implement on your property, depending on what electricity
outlets you have at your disposal.

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If electricity outlets are easily accessible around your fence line, you may want to consider
electrical fence lighting methods. These are usually brighter, and have a wide variety of
options. You can get lights that run across the tops of your fence posts, light up the ground
underneath them, or even a string of lights that you can be ultra creative with – the
possibilities are truly endless! Electrical fence lighting can even be seasonal, allowing you to
decorate in accordance with the holiday calendar.


However, do not despair if your fence is not going to be feasibly lit through electricity – or if you decide you want to be a little more environmentally friendly! Solar fence lights have made a lot of progress in the past several years, expanding into the LED world. These lights have just as many varieties as traditional electrical lights, are every bit as bright, and they combine safety and beauty. Solar lights may have a single solar panel, or they may have individual panels on each fixture. The key to solar lighting is to make sure your fixture placement allows maximum sun exposure during the day; otherwise, your lights will not be as bright at night. In rare cases, they will not get enough sunlight to be able to function at all.

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If you are looking for design ideas, there are many sites that have a variety of decorating
tips. Pinterest is well-known for do it yourself lighting ideas, which may incorporate natural
lighting, solar lights, or electrical lights. If you are not as internet savvy as some, or would
rather buy your lighting in a pre-assembled kit, you can find many options in your local
hardware stores. These stores will often have associates that can give you tips on
installation as well. Of course, you can also always hire us to do it for you. No matter what
you decide is best for your property, there is certainly a great fit that incorporates your
personal sense of style with functionality to create the home-y ambiance you crave in your
back (or front!) yard.

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