Is Doggy Digging Ruining Your Fence?

Having a dog brings a lot of joy, but sometimes their curiosity can cause unintentional damage to your property. They may chew up pillows, eat things they aren’t supposed to, and dig under your fence. Stopping a dog from digging under your fence is not an easy task, but the effort should be put in to end the behavior before damage is caused to plants, your lawn, and the fence itself.

Here are a few ways to protect your property:

1. Place rocks around the edge of the fence. Placing rocks around the areas of the fence where your dog likes to dig is an attractive way to make it harder for the dog to dig. Should they try, they will realize they are getting nowhere and eventually stop.

2. Fill in the holes with rocks or dirt. Depending on your dog’s behavior, you may be able to fix the problem by filling the holes with rocks or dirt. Dirt might encourage certain dogs to keep digging and give you extra work. Filling the holes with gravel make it much harder for dogs to dig in the area.

3. Bury wire or fence in the ground. This requires a lot more work but it is a sure way to make sure your dog cannot get through a fence, however it won’t stop the dog from digging. It works best if your dog is constantly escaping. Similarly, you can pound metal stakes into the ground at the base of the fence. Space the stakes according to the size of your dog.

4. Install an electric wire. Installing an electric wire around the perimeter of a fence is a great solution to stop your dog from digging at the base. Be sure it is low enough to the ground that the dog will get a shock if it tries to dig.

5. Proper training. If you have the time, train your dog to stop this annoying behavior. Rather than fixing the result of the problem, training fixes the source, stopping the behavior altogether.

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Courtesy of Fence Specialists